Manufacturing molds, Forge Tooling, Forging Dies, Trim Dies and repair of Drop Hammer Rams and Sow Blocks has been our specialty since 1983.

Hard milling of Drop Hammer Dies, Press Die impressions and Impacter Forging Dies in pre-hardened die blocks or flood welded cavities is digitally modeled and nc-programmed with high level Siemens NX CAD-CAM software.

CNC Forge Die Sinking of your tooling is a precise repeatable method of producing the Closed Impression Forging Die required to form parts for your customers. Pre-forms such as rollers, flatteners, benders and also gutter details are then directly milled into the die with heavy duty CNC machining centers. Die shanks as well as Forging Hammer Rams, Sow blocks, Wear plates, Die Keys and Guides are CNC machined for efficiency and accuracy.

Matching Drop Through Trim Dies or Compound Trim and Pierce Tooling compliments the CNC Die Sinking of the hot forging process. Completing new dies from pre hardened raw blocks, facing off old impressions and re-machining die shanks are also part of our complete service.

As a family owned business of three generations we strive to enhance value through Service, Quality and Effective Results.